Sensors deliver reliable
results in water analysis


Instruments and systems
manage water applications


Services for data analytics
any time, any place, any device


  • Sensors Made in Germany 

  • 70 years of experience in sensor development and production 

  • Reliable measuring values 

  • Long operating life due to automatic sensor cleaning by ASR®


  • Controlled and reliable measurements 

  • Reduced maintenance efforts 

  • Rapid sensor polarization 

  • Quick response time 

  • ASR® - patented automatic sensor cleaning 

  • StabiFlow® eleminates fluctuations caused by flow 

  • Pressure rated up to 6 bar (87 psi) 

  • No reagents

Cloud Connect®

  • Optimized asset utilization  

  • Increased productivity  

  • Reduced maintenance costs  

  • Simple usability and precise control