Control your water quality at anytime, anywhere, on any device. The solution is Kuntze Cloud Connect®

Kuntze Cloud Connect® service

Sensor monitoring and management, smarter than ever before

With increasing measurement infrastructure, the monitoring and management complexity in water analytics is growing. With the Cloud Connect® service, Kuntze has created a solution that enables central administration and sensor analysis. The Kuntze measuring devices communicate with each other via a bus system and send data to a secure cloud storage using the Kuntze Cloud Connect® gateway, either via 4G or local internet connection.

The Kuntze Cloud Connect® application, which is available for stationary and mobile devices, retrieves data and combines it in a visually appealing dashboard. This allows you to view the status of sensors in real time, no longer miss events such as calibrations or relay activations, become immediately aware of alarms and thus optimize your facility operations. With the Kuntze Cloud Connect® service, the future of water analytics starts today.

Control center for reducing your process costs

The heart of the Kuntze Cloud Connect® service is the graphical dashboard. It allows you to keep an eye on all important sensor values in real time. In addition to continuous control, an evaluation of historical data is also possible. Long-term changes in measurement applications can be identified via graphs. 

This leads to significant benefits and increases the profitability of your business:

  • More efficient monitoring and management of all sensors
  • Reduced maintenance costs through faster detection and response to critical sensor events
  • Increased productivity through focused sensor maintenance and flexible optimization of measurement environments
  • Easy, remote use on stationary and mobile devices through the Cloud Connect® service

Capturing data in real time

With Kuntze Cloud Connect®, you never have to wait for sensor feedback or need to read out your devices manually again. Retrieve live metrics from all connected sensors at any time and track data in a user-friendly interface that displays information chronologically.  Available metrics include calibration values and general system information.

The benefits of capturing data with Kuntze Cloud Connect® at a glance:

  • Centralized dashboards
  • Visualization of device and sensor locations
  • Real-time measurement data, available 24/7
  • Setup and manage alarms
  • Report events such as calibration messages or relay activations
  • Remote access from anywhere
  • Data logging via native smartphone app “DPD2CC”

Next generation water analysis insights

The centrally available Kuntze dashboard visualizes your sensor data, providing new and valuable insights into the operability and efficiency of your measurement applications. With the help of the graphs, issues can be verified faster leading to better, data-driven decisions. As you expand your measurement infrastructure, existing insights can be easily compared and combined with new ones, providing unlimited scalability via the Kuntze Cloud Connect® service.

These insights will help you optimize your water analytics:

  • Detect and fix incorrect calibrations remotely and easily

Ensure legal compliance and guarantee it long-term

Kuntze sensors, in combination with Cloud Connect®, contribute to compliance with water quality regulations. Our products are not only among the best on the market when it comes to measurement accuracy and reliability, but the seamless monitoring via our online service also ensures compliance with all legal standards in the water quality sector. This also includes the documentation and preparation of the measurement data for submission to test centers or regulatory body. All collected sensor data can therefore be exported in CSV format from Kuntze Cloud Connect®.

Simple DPD reference measurement, fully integrated with Cloud Connect®

DPD reference measurements must always be taken on site. In conventional measurement infrastructures, this creates the risk of measurement results not being properly documented or not being transmitted in time. Our native smartphone app “DPD2CC” prevents this. Corresponding reference measurements are simply recorded on the move and automatically transmitted to the centralized Kuntze Dashboard. The app, which is available for both Android and Apple operating systems, plugs into the Kuntze Cloud Connect® servers and transmits the measurement results securely and directly. User logins also enable tracking of which reference measurement was taken by which employee at what time.