Cookie Policy

Scope of application

This cookie policy applies in addition to the general data protection declaration for our website (as of 14.09.2020) and provides you with additional information on the type, scope and purposes of data processing with the cookies and tracking technologies used (hereinafter also referred to collectively as “cookies”).

Your cookie settings for the website

  • Technically required
  • Analysis and performance

Storage duration

Session cookies: Most cookies are only required for the duration of your current service call or session and are deleted again or lose their validity as soon as you leave our website or your current session expires (so-called “session cookies”). Session cookies are used, for example, to retain certain information during your session such as your registration for our website.

Persistent cookies: These cookies are stored for a longer period of time, for example to be able to recognize you at a later time when you call up our website again and to be able to call up stored settings. For example, this enables you to access our website more quickly or conveniently  or it eliminates the need to make certain selections again such as your  language of choice. Persistent cookies are automatically deleted after a predefined period of time when you visit the page or domain from which the cookie was set.

Cookie provider

First-party cookies: These are cookies that are set directly by us.

Third party cookies: So-called “third party cookies” are set and used by other entities or websites, for example, by providers of analysis tools or retargeting/remarketing technologies (marketing cookies). For more information on cookies for analyzing reach and performance cookies, please refer to sections 2.2ff. of our privacy policy and the further course of this cookie policy. Third party providers may also use cookies to display advertisements or to integrate content from social networks such as social plugins.

Legal basis, deletion, objections and revocation options against the use of cookies

For more information on the legal basis as well as on the possibilities of deletion, objections and revocation against the use of cookies, please refer to the relevant passages of the general data protection declaration for our website