Expert sensor manufacturing - Made in Germany

Scalable sensor production thanks to our manufacturing site in Hartha/Germany

We are proud to claim that all components of our water analysis sensors are manufactured at our German production site in Hartha. We employ professionally trained technical glassblowers who manufacture innovative products with unparalleled precision, designed at our headquarters in Meerbusch near Düsseldorf, Germany. Our state-of-the-art Hartha manufacturing site, which was massively expanded in 2018 and 2021, enables us to serve individual, on-demand customer requests and manufacture sensors for disinfection, pH, and redox measurement in high volumes.


Kuntze pH glasses

AH / High alkali high temperature glass

Measuring range pH 0.. 14. Very small alkaline error. Suitable for temperatures up to 135 °C (275 °F), depending on reference electrolyte

LT / Low resistance glass

Fast sensor response time due to minimized resistance. Measuring range pH 0..12 at temperatures ranging from -5 ° to +60 °C (23 ° to 140 °F)

SF / Fluoride-resistant glass

Tolerates up to 500 mg/l of fluoride over a measuring range of pH 1.. 11. Maximum temperature 60 °C (140 °F)


Zircon junction

The Allrounder – Low electrolyte leakage with maintenance friendly gel-electrolyte. For low conductivity water with refillable electrolyte, or for special applications in process control with protruding junction (can be ground down or covered).

Platinum junction or glass cut

For ultrapure water with very low conductivity – Twisted platinum thread for high electrolyte leakage, or ground glass joint for adjustable leakage. Alternatively with 3 Zirkon junctions for fixed leakage.

Teflon junction or no junction at all

Robust and dirt resistant – Teflon junction with large surface area. For heavily contaminated water, open hole junction in combination with hydrolysis-resistant solid electrolyte.


S8 plug

Two-poles S8 plug with rotatable, colored PG 13.5 thread.

Variopin plug

Electrodes with integrated temperature sensor (Pt100 or Pt1000) have a variopin plug with PG13.5 thread (rotatable).

Fixed cable

Alternatively, our electrodes can also be delivered with fixed cable, e.g. with BNC, DIN plug or free cable ends.

Overview of our pH sensors

Zirkon® pH Universal

Durable, low-maintenance, accurate: Zirkon® pH Universal electrodes are used in a variety of applications, such as wastewater treatment, for monitoring process water in industrial plants, and for drinking water applications. They enable reliable water quality measurement in many temperature and pressure environments. The pH electrode is easy to use and service in many different measuring environments

Drinking Water
Process Water
Waste Water Treatment

Zirkon® pH Pool

Sensors specially designed for pool water measurement: The Zirkon® pH Pool sensors provide reliable and accurate results especially in swimming pools at an excellent price to performance ratio. A low resistance pH membrane glass ensures rapid measurement results. The TEPOX electrolyte Gel is further stabilized by a salt supply (potassium chloride), making it more durable than conventional sensors.

Pool & Spa

Zirkon® pH Process

Highly reliable in process and wastewater treatment: Zirkon® pH Process sensors are used wherever major water contamination can occur. They consist of a high alkaline, high temperature glass electrode. Depending on the application, the diaphragm is available in platinum, PTFE or as a hole diaphragm. The use of either TEPOX electrolyte or solid electrolyte guarantees low maintenance.

Process Water
Waste Water Treatment

Zirkon® pH Process HT

The professional solution for high-temperature applications: Zirkon® pH Process HT sensors are temperature stable up to 135 °C and can be used for sterilization applications. They are composed of a high temperature glass electrode. The diaphragm is made of heat- and corrosion-resistant PTFE polymer and is designed to be highly dirt-repellent. The use of solid electrolyte guarantees low maintenance and allows the use in high temperature environments.