ASR®: Next Generation Automatic Sensor Cleaning

To free your sensors from lime, rust, manganese oxide and grease on a daily basis, Kuntze has developed the highly efficient ASR® Automatic Sensor Cleaning method. The electrochemical process has a triple effect: gas bubbles created on the electrode surface blast away even stubborn deposits the generation of oxygen destroys organic contaminants, while hydrogen reduces rust deposits and manganese oxides.

ASR® does not require the addition of any chemicals since oxygen and hydrogen are generated directly from the ambient water at the surface.

Residual substances are quickly converted back to water after cleaning. As a result, no by-products are left behind in the measuring medium.

The cleaning interval of our innovative ASR® technology can be adapted to your process requirements and can be selected individually (e.g. 1 or 7 times per week). Automatic Sensor Cleaning is available for Kuntze electrodes for chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone, and hydrogen peroxide measurement.

Simply brilliant: How ASR® works

The vision and innovation of our ASR® technology is to provide a sustainable self-cleaning process for sensors without the addition of chemicals. The solution for this is electrolysis. In this process, oxygen and hydrogen are generated from the ambient water at the electrode surface. The resulting gas bubbles reliably blast away stubborn dirt deposits on the electrode. The created oxygen is responsible for the oxidation of organic deposits, while hydrogen also removes inorganic residues such as rust or manganese oxides. 

Cleaning sessions take only a few minutes and can be performed up to once a day, depending on the degree of contamination. This preserves the integrity of the measurement for a long time without the need for manual intervention. Any oxygen and hydrogen not used in the cleaning process automatically recombine to water and neither corrupt the measurement nor pollute the water.

The benefits of Automatic Sensor Cleaning (ASR®) at a glance

  • Sensor cleaning without the addition of chemicals
  • No corruption of measurement results due to electrochemical cleaning process
  • Automatic Electrode Cleaning, adjustable via cleaning intervals
  • Sensor recalibration is unnecessary due to the ASR® cleaning process
  • Acid and hydrogen generated from cleaning recombines with ambient water
  • ASR® has been proven to lead to sustainable cost reduction due to less frequent sensor replacement and minimized maintenance efforts