State-of-the-Art water analysis systems enhance pool water quality in new swimming facility in Nunspeet, the Netherlands

System Description

In 2023, the municipality of Nunspeet inaugurated De Wiltsangh, a cutting-edge sports and leisure facility including an extensive and modern swimming area. Its spacious setup comprises a variety of pools, prominently featuring a 25-meter competition pool equipped with six lanes. Right from its inception, the emphasis was on implementing avant-garde, sustainable, and low-maintenance water disinfection systems.


Balancing impeccable water quality with the demands of high visitor traffic and diverse pool usage patterns posed a significant challenge. The goal was to minimize manual interventions, such as frequent sensor replacements and manual flow adjustments. The  pool has an  extensive scale, diverse basins, varying temperatures, and potential for contamination. Therefore, a sophisticated, low-maintenance, and mostly automated water analysis solution was indispensable.


To meet the stringent water quality standards, Pro Water, the Dutch partner for Kuntze at De Wiltsangh, installed two Krypton® Multi systems in each pool. These systems efficiently regulate and measure both free chlorine and pH levels. They seamlessly integrate with Kuntze’s proprietary Stabiflow® flow fitting and the revolutionary Automatic Sensor Cleaning (ASR®), resulting in a  solution that guarantees uniform water flow, minimizes the need for manual intervention and virtually eliminates sensor maintenance.

For quality assurance, the dual Krypton® Multi systems in each pool are cross-referenced regularly. This method nearly cancels the necessity for manual DPD checks, with a weekly DPD test calibration ensuring optimal disinfectant levels in the pools.

The integration of Kuntze’s world-renowned water analysis technologies not only strengthens the reliability of the disinfection cycles. It also leads to significant operational savings. De Wiltsangh benefits from substantial savings on personnel and cleaning agent expenses, making it a frontrunner in efficient and sustainable water management.

About Hellebrekers and De Wiltsangh

Hellebrekers excels in designing, engineering and building high-tech installations for sports and leisure facilities. Their expertise in water treatment systems and climate control has cemented their position as a leading technical services provider in the Dutch public swimming pool industry. During the construction of De Wiltsangh, the firm collaborated closely with the Nunspeet municipality. Accordingly, Hellebrekers played a pivotal role in technically shaping and optimizing this impressive sports and leisure complex.