Made by Kuntze

Kuntze is a manufacturer for sensors and complete measuring systems. We are developing and producing pH electrodes since the 1950s – and since 2013 in our modern production facility in Hartha / Germany. As a manufacturer with a high vertical integration, we offer our customers the complete set of modularity in the electrode construction.

Multifunctional Glass

  • AH / High alkali high temperature glass
    Measuring range pH 0.. 14. Very small alkaline error. Suitable for temperatures up to 135°C (275°F), depending on reference electrolyte.
  • LT / Low resistance glass
    Fast sensor response time due to minimized resistance. Measuring range pH 0..12 at temperatures ranging from -5° to +60°C (23° to 140°F).
  • SF / Fluoride-resistant glass
    Tolerates up to 500 mg/l of fluoride over a measuring range of pH 1.. 11. Maximum temperature 60°C (140°F).



  • Zircon junction
    The Allrounder - Low electrolyte leakage with maintenance friendly gel-electrolyte. For low conductivity water with refillable electrolyte, or for special applications in process control with protruding junction (can be ground down or covered).
  • Platinum junction or glass cut
    For ultrapure water with very low conductivity - Twisted platinum thread for high electrolyte leakage, or ground glass joint for adjustable leakage. Alternatively with 3 Zirkon junctions for fixed leakage.
  • Teflon junction or no junction at all
    Robust and dirt resistant - Teflon junction with large surface area. For heavily contaminated water, open hole junction in combination with hydrolysis-resistant solid electrolyte.


  • S8 plug
    Two-poles S8 plug with rotatable, colored PG 13.5 thread.
  • Variopin plug 
    Electrodes with integrated temperature sensor (Pt100 or Pt1000) have a variopin plug with PG13.5 thread (rotatable).
  • Fixed Cable
    Alternatively, our electrodes can also be delivered with fixed cable, e.g. with BNC, DIN plug or free cable ends.