Eighteen Kuntze Krypton® Multi improve the water quality for North Area

Background information

Noréade is a public establishment for intermunicipal cooperation located in the north of France. The main areas of service are water distribution and sanitation in a territory of approximately 1 million inhabitants. 99% of the water distributed by Noréade comes from groundwater aquifers. The aquifiers are fed by rainwater, which seeps through the ground and the geological layers, picking up minerals and ions. To prevent bacterial growth in the water, it is crucial to keep a level of 0.3 and 0.5 parts-per million (ppm) for free chlorine. To stay under this threshold level, Noréade previously made use of colorimeter technology which required adding a reagents.


As the previous system required reagent usage, the sample water could not be discharged into the aquifier, but had to be collected and disposed as chemical waste. The customer required a new technology that provides reliable measurements, reduces maintenance and prevents contamination of the sample water.

Kuntze Solution

Based on the aforementioned customer needs, the French Kuntze partner “C2Plus”, installed 18 Krypton® Multi water monitoring systems for the measurement and control of free chlorine in the water towers and tanks at Noréade. In doing so, all three needs were able to be met. This is because, through its Stabiflow® unit the Krypton® Multi is able to keep the water flow constant automatically and without manual intervention. This reduces maintenance time and costs for system calibrations. Due to the use of highly accurate sensors instead of reagents, the water quality is also much higher because the bare Zirkon® DIS sensors react to changes in the water so that the correct amount of disinfectant can be applied to clean the water. This in turn makes the measurement performance much more precise and reliable. In addition to the Krypton® Multi systems, 18 MODBUS Addons were set up functioning as a Remote Terminal Unit and serving as a means of communication through data exchange. The confidence in a more accurate, stable and automated system in combination with a remote communication function, allows the public authority to ensure high water quality and reliable measuring results while significantly reducing the manual workload on its employees. 

About Noréade

Since 1950, the mission of Noréade as a Public Establishment for Intermunicipal Cooperation is supplying the territory of North France with high quality drinking water. Approximately 1 million inhabitants live in the territory split into 750 municipalities. To meet the needs of the inhabitants and municipalities, the organization’s service portfolio ranges from production and distribution of drinking water to collective and non-collective sanitation of rainwater as well as external defense against fire, management of aquatic environments and prevention of flooding. Noréade is an employer to nearly 600 employees and elected officials. Its strategy is based on the strong participation of local elected officials, who form the board and monitor the effective implementation of the decisions made.