Cloud Connect® Insights

System Description

A small drinking water plant uses both ground and surface water as the influent to their treatment process. The Hach Cl17 could not perform in this environment due to rapidly changing concentrations of disinfectant (Figure 1) and the heavy manganese creating false positives on the measurement. Meanwhile using a membrane sensor would be too costly for the plant for the frequent replacement of the membrane cap and electrolytic gel. Due to the large pH swings, the plant would also have to initial buffer the sample line, an added cost to using membrane technology.


Kuntze’s plan was to perform a 30-day trial with use of Cloud Connect® and the DPD2CC mobile app to collect data on the process. This was achieved by the end user taking repeated DPD reference measurements daily and logging them into the DPD2CC app. Assessment from Kuntze was derived from both logged references measurements and live, continuous analyzer readings from Cloud Connect®


The heavy iron and manganese was no match for Kuntze ASR® and using Cloud Connect® it was determined once a day automatic cleaning should be established. Cloud Connect® insights also showed the large pH swings and it was determined that pH compensation equation needed to be altered to meet this process-specific need (Figure 1). 

Using Cloud Connect®, Kuntze determined that the fast-moving concentrations were due to an improper chemical mix and that a process change needed to be made, demonstrated in the right half of Figure 2.


Kuntze’s solution removed the need for pH buffer and high consumable and reagents of competing technologies, and Cloud Connect® was able to optimize customer processes and provide an actual compliance solution saving the water plant time and money.

Figure 1
Figure 2