Automatic Sensor Cleaning (ASR®)

Background information

This analyzer was installed in a drinking water application sourced from ground water using free chlorine chemistry.
The ground water source contained high amounts of iron and manganese, which fouled the probe. The operators in charge of the equipment found themselves frequently manually cleaning the probe. After using Cloud Connect® to view and analyze the data, Kuntze Trial Managers instructed the customer to increase the Automatic Sensor Cleaning (ASR®) frequency to one cleaning per day.

The graph above shows two cases of the same analyzer: one with ASR® (bottom) and one without ASR® (top). For the case without ASR®, the analyzer signal (blue line) dropped as the probe fouled, while the DPD measurements (green circles) remained around 1.0 ppm. On Day 4, the operator removed the probe and performed a manual clean, which brought the signal back up. For the case with an ASR® schedule of one cleaning per day (purple dashed lines), the analyzer signal dropped slightly with respect to the DPD measurements over the course of the day, but remained within compliance. The one cleaning per day schedule helped prevent the fouling seen in the case without ASR®. This recommendation could not have been made without using Cloud Connect® to visualize the data.