Even if each project is unique for Voens S.p.A. in Santiago/Chile, depending on the requirements of the customer, it is still crucial for the company to be able to stick to well defined rules and regulations.
As such, in all of their production processes the amount of free chlorine in the water must be strictly between 0.3 and 0.5 parts-per million (ppm). If this range is not met, it can lead to quality problems in the purification and water conditioning process.
For measuring this threshold level, the company previously made use of mechanically cleaned sensors, which lacked precision and required frequent manual maintenance and calibration. Additionally, remote online monitoring was not possible which made running the installation an inefficient process. Based on these primary requirements of automation, precision and remoteness, the Chilean Kuntze partner “Analitiks S.p.A.”, installed a Krypton® Multi multi-channel water monitoring system for the measurement and control of free chlorine in the drinking water at Voens S.p.A.
Learn more about this use cases’ challenges and results at https://www.kuntze.com/en/water-treatment-company-uses-kuntze-analysis-systems-in-a-production-centre-chile/