From January 31st to 2nd February, our British partner Kuntze Instruments UK presented our  advanced water analysis and control technology at the international pool, spa and wellness show “SPATEX 2023” in the UK.

The team of experts had the opportunity to showcase Kuntze’s portfolio of disinfection measurement solutions in a live setting. Visitors were able to experience the benefits of Kuntze’s innovative solutions such as the Krypton® Multi with the patented Automatic Sensor Cleaning (ASR®) and the Cloud Connect® Service up close.

Kuntze instruments & sensors are trusted worldwide in critical industries and in many different applications. We are disinfection experts and our instruments play a vital role in pathogen control maintaining safe levels of chlorine and other disinfectants.

Kuntze’s highly efficient Automatic Sensor Cleaning (ASR®) method envisions to provide a sustainable self-cleaning process for sensors without the addition of chemicals. Due to the electrochemical cleaning process, the measurement results do not get falsified. In addition, Cloud Connect® service from Kuntze provides a high level of insight into the swimming pool or spa. Through real time monitoring and notifications, issues can be identified before they turn into problems. Thus a high level of safety and satisfaction of members or guests can be ensured.

We are proud to have participated in “SPATEX” again this year and to have exhibited our products and technologies in this great venue.