The Cowichan Valley Regional Water District in British Columbia, Canada operates several surface and ground water systems as well as wastewater treatment plants. Back in 2018 it installed the first Krypton® Multi analyzer as well as Kuntze’s patented ASR® Automatic Sensor Cleaning technology. Hereby, the challenge was to closely measure and control free chlorine residuals in the process. The District was impressed with the performance of Kuntze’s analyzers: Despite the challenging water conditions, they were able to precisely and reliably measure the free chlorine residuals while at the same time significantly reducing the preventative maintenance requirements. Conclusively, the District replaced six systems with Krypton® Multi analyzers in the last years and now saves about 105 working hours per year with the worry-free maintenance solution from Kuntze. Learn more about this use cases’ challenges and results at Cowichan Valley Regional Water District in British Columbia