Over recent months, Europe and the rest of the world has had to deal with unprecedented restrictions on movement. Consequently, facilities have not received the same level of contact from their maintenance teams spotting problems early. Water disinfection is paramount to public safety and those who have invested in the Kuntze Cloud Connect® service have been able to monitor and keep a close eye on their water quality 24/7. The simple Cloud Connect® web interface means it can all be done from the safety of home.

Clear, Concise measurement, based on sound principles to calculate readings and provide good Control is a necessity. It is important to know that the information is reliable. Our 75 year history at Kuntze, Germany is built on this ethos. With the Neon® family of instruments, Cloud Connect® can offer a huge insight as to what is happening in your process and provide Clear, Concise, Control… Connected!

As part of our constant drive to improve, on Monday 1st June, 2020 Cloud Connect® will offer even more. Cloud Connect® will provide even more data on the performance of your water treatment plant and the processes it monitors. We are launching 5 new features to complement our already popular service:

  1. Dosing Control Output
  2. Improved Event Notifications
  3. Dashboard Overviews
  4. Event Data Filtering
  5. Unified Settings Log

From June 1st, Cloud Connect® users can see how hard the dosing pumps are working to maintain the control parameters entered on the Neon® instrument. The ‘Dosing Control Output’ will be quantified as a percentage. A high dosing output may indicate problems with the chemical dosed or a restriction of flow.

With improved ‘Event Notifications’ an e-mail will be sent to your team describing the occurrence and providing a link to display the alert data. An illustration of the alert is in a simple format and can be viewed easily on a mobile phone, tablet or PC. By bringing problems to your attention early, the response time is minimised, and resolutions are rapidly achieved. Disruption to your process or service can be eliminated, protecting reputations, brands and saving money.

Via the new ‘Dashboard Overview’, instrument settings can be reviewed and any additional alarms activated since your alert can be checked. A simple click expands the data to easily review instrument settings. After a quick web-based interrogation of the instrument, the investigation of the remaining equipment within the process can begin. 

When trying to optimise your process, focus is the key. It is important to have the relevant data at your fingertips and now with the ‘Event Data Filtering’ when you select a date range only those events within the date range are presented on the screen. All others outside the date range are removed, unless you select all, saving you time and keeping you focused.

The ‘Unified Settings Log’ brings together any changes made by remote users and those made by the operators directly on the instrument. By listing these in one space a chronological list allows users to investigate the changes which may have led to changes in the processes.

Clear, Concise, Control, Connected, can you afford not to be?