The water purification company Voens S.p.A. utilizes Kuntze's state-of-the-art analysis systems for measuring water quality in a production center high up in the Chilean mountains.

Background information

Voens S.p.A. is a company headquartered in Santiago, Chile that provides water conditioning equipment and water purification systems to its wide range of customers in industries such as agriculture and horticulture, or food and beverages. Even if each project is unique for Voens S.p.A., depending on the requirements of the customer, it is still crucial for the company to be able to stick to well defined  rules and regulations. As such, in all of their production processes the amount of free chlorine in the water must be strictly between 0.3 and 0.5 parts-per million (ppm). If this range is not met, it can lead to quality problems in the purification and water conditioning process, including increased manpower and higher water consumption. For measuring this threshold level, the company previously made use of mechanically cleaned sensors, which lacked precision and required frequent manual maintenance and calibration. Additionally, remote online monitoring was not possible which made running the installation an inefficient process.


One of Voens S.p.A.’s production centers was located in a small town up in the mountains of Chile called sky center. To still be able to meet the ppm standards in such a center at high altitude and with complicated access, the company required a fully automated measurement and dosing system for the amount of free chlorine in the water that is able to generate accurate and reliable control data. Despite the aspect of automation, it was also of particular interest that the application and measurements could be managed remotely and that it can be connected to other systems running in the company, while requiring low maintenance since this would allow them to save much time and effort.

Kuntze Solution

Based on these primary requirements of automation, precision and remoteness, the Chilean Kuntze partner “Analitiks S.p.A.”, installed a Krypton® Multi multi-channel water monitoring system for the measurement and control of free chlorine in the drinking water at Voens S.p.A. Right after the installation, the client was able to experience the various advantages of the Kuntze technology: Since the Krypton® Multi system is able to automatically keep a steady flow of water without manual intervention due to it’s Stabiflow® unit and sensors and sensors no longer need to be manually maintained and cleaned, the maintenance work and expenses for instance for system calibrations are highly reduced. Furthermore, by leveraging highly sensitive sensors, the Kuntze Krypton® Multi is far reliable in its measurement. Thus, relying on a more precise, stable and automated system and Kuntze as one of the global quality leaders in the field of water analysis allows the company to significantly relieve its employees and saves on personnel costs since manual efforts and travel long distances are reduced. 

Due to high satisfaction with the solution, Voens S.p.A. implemented the Krypton® Multi multi-channel water monitoring system in a total of three production centers in the south of Chile over the last two years with the help of our local partner. 

About Voens S.p.A.

In 2016 Voens S.p.A. was founded with the mission of making an impact in the water scarcity in the world by reusing water. Thus, the company, located in Santiago, is dedicated at providing simple, sustainable, innovative and profitable solutions for Water Purification and Water Conditioning. Their solutions are aimed at various industries such as mining, agriculture, aquaculture and laboratories. In their processes they use high-tech equipment according to the needs of their customers. With the latest technology equipment for the waste water recovery and emergency water treatment plants, Voens S.p.A. is able to achieve water purification from practically any source (sea water, rivers, lakes, wells and others).