Drinking water treatment in Canada: Automatic Sensor Cleaning (ASR®) in ground water

Background information

A Canadian drinking water facility experienced heavy, naturally occurring iron and manganese concentrations in their ground water source. A
common water quality characteristic found across
many water treatment markets.

Only a few weeks after initial install, compounds begin collecting on sensor.


Iron and manganese present unique challenges to online chlorine analyzer technologies. As seen in the picture on the right, the iron and manganese attaches to all material surfaces areas in contact with the water, including the chlorine analyzer’s acrylic flow cell chamber and measuring electrodes.

Months after initial install, heavy compounds removed due to Kuntze patented ASR® technology.


Historically the challenge of iron and manganese was left in the hands of the operators, who find themselves frequently manually cleaning and recalibrating online chlorine sensors because of the fouling experienced by the iron and manganese slowly collecting on and blocking the measuring
electrode from the water. This causes chlorine sensors to “drift”. With the help of the regional Kuntze representative
and Kuntze Cloud Connect®, the Kuntze chlorine bare sensor and patented  Automatic Sensor Cleaning technology (ASR®) helped this drinking water customer remove the high frequency of manual maintenance needed on their previous analyzer. As a result the confidence in their remote online chlorine measurements has increased.

“Kuntze innovative ASR® technology and cleaning method is a true testament to the idea of low maintenance.”

Kuntze Solution
  • Equipment used: Krypton® Multi
  • Technologies needed: Argon® Stabiflow and Automatic Sensor Cleaning (ASR®)
  • Operational advantages: Easy to clean Kuntze
    Bare sensor technology, ASR® maintains sensor
    calibration in the presence of iron and manganese