Made by Kuntze

Kuntze is a manufacturer for sensors and complete measuring systems. We are developing and producing ORP electrodes since the 1950s – and since 2013 in our modern production facility in Hartha / Germany. As a manufacturer with a high vertical integration, we offer our customers the complete set of modularity in the electrode construction.

Measuring electrode

The measuring electrode of Redox sensors is typically made of platinum, for some applications made of gold. Kuntze uses only pure platinum and pure gold for their sensors, we do not make use of platinum or gold coatings. The measuring electrode can have different shapes.

  • Platinum or gold dome
    A dome-shaped measuring electrode is our first choice. Domes are mechanically robust and can be cleaned easily.
  • Platinum or gold band
    A platinum or gold band provides a large measuring surface, which can be helpful in applications where fouling is a challenge. Bands are more expensive due to their larger surface area and mechanically less robust compared to a dome.


  • Zircon junction
    The Allrounder - Low electrolyte leakage with maintenance friendly gel-electrolyte. For low conductivity water with refillable electrolyte, or for special applications in process control with protruding junction (can be ground down or covered).
  • Platinum junction or glass cut
    For ultrapure water with very low conductivity - Twisted platinum thread for high electrolyte leakage, or ground glass joint for adjustable leakage. Alternatively with 3 Zirkon junctions for fixed leakage.
  • Teflon junction or no junction at all
    Robust and dirt resistant - Teflon junction with large surface area. For heavily contaminated water, open hole junction in combination with hydrolysis-resistant solid electrolyte.
  • Bridge electrolyte
    For special applications - Double chamber sensors with two sequential junctions and separate electrolytes for optimal protection and maximum adaptability. For example, a chloride-free outer electrolyte can be used to protect sensitive applications.


  • S8 plug
    Two-poles S8 plug with rotatable, colored PG 13.5 thread.
  • Variopin plug 
    Electrodes with integrated temperature sensor (Pt100 or Pt1000) have a variopin plug with PG13.5 thread (rotatable).
  • Fixed Cable
    Alternatively, our electrodes can also be delivered with fixed cable, e.g. with BNC, DIN plug or free cable ends.