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Zirkon® DES

Zirkon® DES are potentiostatic sensors, measuring parameter and range are defined by the connected instrument. A defined potential is applied to the ...

The better alternative to membrane sensors! With the 12 mm sensor design and the robust materials, our potentiostatic sensors made from glass and precious metals have the edge onthe common amperometric membrane sensors.

Pressureresistant and hard-wearing

The sensors can be used up to a pressure of 10 bar, they contain no delicate parts like a membrane, which can block or tear. The sensor design provides no target for dirt, particles, and fibres.

Zeropoint stable and fast

The measurement responds only to the measured parameter. In absence of the parameter the measurement drops automatically to Zero. The measuring media is in direct contactwith the electrodes, the sensors react immediately to every concentration change – there are no memory effects!

Low maintance

The sensor design and the installation minimize pollution of the electrode surface. If there still appearssomecoating on the electrode, you can prevent this by using our automatic sensor cleaning ASR ©. More information about ASR.

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