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  • Intuitive and simple menu
  • Safety by password function
  • Linear and non-linear special pure water temperature compensation


The instruments of the K100 series are high-quality single-channel measuring and control instruments to measure disinfectants, pH/ORP, conductivity or gas. Each instrument has one measuring input and a temperature input. You can select automatic or manual temperature compensation.
All instruments contain a PI controller with two set points. Data can be read out via 0/4-20mA output or optionally via serial interface.
The K100 provides various safety features: A freely adjustable start delay prevents wrong dosing after power failure, and the controller is shut off automatically in a low-water situation. You can activate dosage check, a function that stops the controller and issues an alarm if prolonged dosing with 100% does not result in reaching the set point or the p range, possibly due to damaged feed lines. Two limits can be defined, to issue an alarm if the measurement exceeds the limits.


  •  Cooling water
  •  Waste Water Treatment
  •  Process Water

Particular characteristics

  • Power supply: 24/117/240 V AC
  • Scaleable, glavanically isolated 0/4.. 20 mA output
  • Illuminated two-line LC-Display for measured value and temperature
  • 2 PI-controller with separate set points
  • Automatic or manual temperature compensation
  • Invertible alarm output, permanent or pulse contact
  • 2 limit values with delay, assigned to alarm relay
  • Dosage check
  • Display of relay status and error messages
  • Intuitive and easy menu
  • Safety by password function
  • Option: serial interface RS 485 - KUNTZE protocol

Interface diagram

Block diagram K 100 Block diagram K 100

Technical data

Measuring parameter


Conductivity (conductive) 0.. 2.000 µS/cm c= 0.05 /cm
  0.. 20.00 µS/cm c= 0.05 /cm
  0.. 200.0 µS/cm c= 0.05 /cm
  0.. 2.000 mS/cm c= 0.20 /cm
  0.. 20.00 mS/cm c= 1.00 /cm
  0.. 200.0 mS/cm c= 10 /cm
Conductivity (inductive) 0.. 2.000 mS/cm
  0.. 20.00 mS/cm
  0.. 200.0 mS/cm
  0.. 2000 mS/cm

Input characteristics

Temperature measuring range -30.. +140°C (display range)
Temperature coefficient 0.. 8.0 %/°K adjustable or non-linear
Digital input 1 as controller stop by external contact

Output characteristics

Alarm relay 1 potential-free N/O contact, max. 250 V, 6 A, 550 VA
Output signal 1 x 0/4.. 20 mA (scaleable, galvanic isolated)
Load max. 500 Ohm
Registration range Scaleable within the measuring range
Serial interface Option: RS 485 - Kuntze protocol
Baud rate 9600 baud
Data format 8 bit

Power supply

Line voltage 24 / 117/ 230 VAC, +6/-10%, 40.. 60 Hz
Power consumption 10 VA

Ambient conditions

Storage -20.. +65°C
Operation 0.. +50°C
Humidity max. 90% rH at 40°C (non-condensing)
Protection class
Wall mounted IP 65
Panel mounted IP 54 (front)
IP 30 (housing)


Control response On/off controller (adjustable hysteresis)
P/PI controller (pulse-pause, pulse-frequency or continuous output)
Relay 2 relays each with potential-free N/O contact, max. 250 V, 6 A, 550 VA
Start delay 0.. 200 sec until controller active
Controller stop digital input

Certificates and approvals

CE-Symbol The product meets the requirements of the harmonized European standards and complies with the legal requirements of the EC directives.
EMV/EMC EN 61326 class B, 2004/108/EG


Storage version



Article number

K 100 CM Conductive conductivity, panel mounted, 230 V AC 100100K
K 100 IL Inductive conductivity, panel mounted, 230 V AC 100190K
K 100 W CM Conductive conductivity, wall mounted, 230 V AC 105100K
K 100 W IL Inductive conductivity, wall mounted, 230 V AC 105190K


hand-held units

LF 6 All-purpose portable instrument for measurement of conductivity and temperature. Sensor with integrated temperature sensor is attached. Sensor, instrument and portable case are included in delivery.


S-341 Data Logger The Bus data logger S-341 receives, displays and stores measuring data for up to 10 Kuntze instruments (K100 and K400).

Design configuration

Material Panel mounted housing: Noryl;
Wall mounted hosuing: ABS
Dimensions Panel mounted housing: 90x90x116 mm;
Wall mounted housing: 165x160x85 mm
Mounting dimension Panel mounted housing: 92x92x140 mm
Weight Panel mounted housing: 0,75 kg;
Wall mounted housing: 0,95 kg

Wall mounted housing Wall mounted housing
Panel mounted housing Panel mounted housing
Since 1945 we develop measuring and control instruments for water analysis. With our new instrument series we offer modular instruments that adapt to your needs.


The entry-level version provides basic functions and can be upgraded via software or modules.


Storage of measuring data can take place internally on the SD-card, but you also can read out measured data via one or two mA outputs or Modbus RTU.


You have to set up several instruments? No problem! Create the settings on a PC, save them on a SD-card and transfer this from instrument to instrument.

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