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  • Defined incident flow
  • Easy to dismantle


Flow assembly for installation of one sensor AuAu-600-OO-2-1-PG or PtPt-600-OO-2-1-PG with adhesive coupling or pipe coupling DN 25 with 1" female threat. Available in PVC and PP.

Technical data

Ambient conditions

Max. pressure PVC: 16 bar (at 20°C)
PP: 10 bar (at 20°C)
Temperature max. 40°C (PVC)
max. 90°C (PP)


Assembly version



Article number

GD 3 V adhesive coupling (DN 25), PVC 36604280K
GD 3 VG pipe coupling (DN 25) with 1'' internal thread, PVC 36604281K
GD 3 VG PP pipe coupling (DN 25) with 1'' internal thread, PP 36604285K

Mechanical construction

Material PVC, PP
Dimensions see dimension drawing
Installation GD 3 V: adhesive coupling
GD 3 VG (PP): pipe coupling DN 25 with 1" female threat

GD 3 V(G) GD 3 V(G)

When it comes to the online measurement of pH, ORP, conductivity, Chlorine, Ozone, or Chlorine dioxide, we leave nothing to chance. Because for more than 60 years we have been developing solutions that are ideally tailored to the needs and requirements of our customers.

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