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The Oxidation-reduction potential, ORP in short, is a measure for the concentration of oxidizing and reducing agents in water. Its value is influenced both by pH and temperature. ORP is a sum parameter that gives no information on the concentration of a single substance in a mixture.



ORP measurements are used to monitor chemical reactions involving electron transfer. In drinking water treatment it can be found in Ozone treatment and the removal of iron, manganese, and nitrate as well as in disinfection steps. In swimming pools the German DIN 19643 requires ORP measurements as a hygiene parameter and decrees maximum and minimum values for fresh water, pool water, and salt water. In waste water treatment ORP is measured in the denitrification process and in detoxication of industrial waste water.


Dr. A. Kuntze measurement

The ORP sensor consists of a measuring electrode of platinum or gold and a reference of Ag/AgCl. The potential of the measuring electrode changes with the concentration of reducing and oxidizing agents and is measured against the reference. The measured values can be recalculated to fit literature values based on NHE (normal hydrogen electrode) as reference.  


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